In our day, bribery in all its sophisticated and subtle forms may be the least mentioned sin. It is, however, in no way whatsoever absent from the pages of Scripture.


Applying one’s life to the truth of a biblical text can never bypass Jesus Christ and his gospel of the the Kingdom. Non-Christocentric sermons inevitably encourage the Bible to be misapplied. Our goal must be to seek to know how, through Christ, we can walk in line with the gospel and render the obedience of faith. No obedience apart from faith is true obedience.


Jesus desires to encourage us with the glory that is to come, a glory that shall shine brighter than the sun for all of eternity.


When I remind my children that we are people of privilege, I am not referring to our current socio-economic status, ethnicity, opportunities, or family situation. Rather, I refer to our imperishable gospel privileges that are meant to make us co-heirs with Christ, adopted in Him by the gracious decree of God our heavenly Father. 


It is one thing to profess to believe in God's sovereignty respecting His ability to intervene in certain affairs and quite another to believe that He is sovereign over the circumstances of our lives when things seem to go terribly wrong and when they seem to be going quite well.