Christians should embrace debate and healthy controversy because we trust the inherent superior attractiveness of the genuine light of Scripture, and the saints whose actions reflect a product of the Holy Spirit’s work. The Christian message loves and promotes the arena of free speech, because Scripture will announce itself like the lion let out of his cage.


Among the many grievous situations in which a believer may find himself or herself, having a spouse who is either unbelieving or unwilling to join a biblical church can be one of the most burdensome. The Scriptures teach us the importance of belonging to a local congregation, being under the oversight of godly elders and living out the Christian life among the members of the assembly. What is a believer to do when his or her spouse refuses to attend a church or is unwilling to join a local congregation? 


We should long to be confident in a godly way, and for the right reasons. As we work towards that end, we can be confident in the God providentially cares for our infant souls in His time. The lateness of the world, I am convinced, is the providential exactitude of God our Father. He is always on time, and he always delivers.


How did the gruesome spectacle of a public execution on a Roman cross come to be known as “Good Friday”? What is so good about this?


On the night he was betrayed, Jesus set before his disciples three symbolic acts that pointed forward to what he would accomplish on the cross.