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I often wonder how men like Calvin, Owen, and JE did what they did without programs like Accordance or Logos! Their encyclopedic knowledge of and facility with the Bible is staggering to me. Owen’s assessment of the Bibline bleeding Bunyan, was just as true of Edwards.


Every other Tuesday, one of my church’s elders, Buz, and I head over to another elder’s house for Bible study in the Epistle to the Hebrews. If you have read Hebrews, you know that perseverance is a central theme to that written homily. The idea of perseverance has been heavy on my heart lately because the elder to whose house we go is John Black, a renowned architect and artist in Nashville, whose paintings of 19th century life and struggle in the Mid-South have been the envy of collectors. Not only is John an architect and artist, he is also fighting a courageous battle with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Our pastoral staff often checks in on him. Our Senior Pastor, Scott, has anointed him with oil and Pastor Todd and other elder have prayed with and for him. While we love being able to minister to John, every time we leave his house we recognize that we are the ones being ministered to!


In the Banner of Truth's 1958 reprint of Owen's classic work, J.I. Packer’s preface emerges as an intro that draws the reader in--not only to Owen’s work, but to what has to be one of the most logical, lucid, and clear guides to Reformed soteriology. When one reads Packer on Owen and then reads Owen there is an irresistible desire to want more.


Books are a preacher’s whiskey--or so the saying goes. It doesn't take much to convince me that I need to add one more volume to my already full shelves.