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We are called to care for the poor and the needy--as well as for the outcast and the stranger. So how are we to do so when there is so much con-artistry, greed and a sense of entitlement in the world of the poor?


I have come to believe that some of the most helpful pastoral reminders for any man preparing for ministry comes from the book of Ecclesiastes. After all, it was written by "the Preacher!"


One of the things that I realized the first time that I taught through the book of Genesis is that the patriarchal narratives look far more like something that you would see on Showtime than something that you would hear on Focus on the Family.


One of the many wonderful things about the Westminster Shorter Catechism is that it includes several extremely important theological pairs (i.e. joint categories) in the opening questions that help us robustly systematize the biblical truth concerning our relationship to God, God's work in the world, the nature and effects of man's sin and the saving work of the Redeemer. Much of the disagreement in theological matters, in our day, comes from only holding to one of the two truths set out in each of these pairs. As we labor to spiritually grasp both aspects of these pairs we will find that we become better equipped to spot theological error, defend the truth and to minister more effectively to others with theological precision and care.


When we gather to worship, we are gathering around the throne of God in the heavenly places to sing the praises of our Triune God who has entered into covenant with His people. We, together with our children, are coming under the means of His grace that He has promised to bless as they are faithfully administered by His ministers and received by faith. We are coming into the presence of the Lamb who was slain to give Him the glory, honor and power due to His name. The One whom we are coming to worship is the One who said, "Let the little children come unto Me." One of the best ways to bring them to Jesus is to keep them in the service of His worship.