Saved by Grace, Theologian by Default


Todd and Carl interview Aimee Byrd in an attempt to answer the question: can anything good really come out of West Virginia? Mrs. Byrd is the popular blogger, now published author and self-identified "Housewife Theologian." If you're picturing a woman - pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen - pouring over commentaries and studying Greek while mixing up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies, you're probably only slightly stereotyping. Aimee herself admits to being quite ordinary. In fact, she believes that everyone is a theologian and that doctrine is a very real part of everyday life. If you're as important as Carl, then you already have a copy of her pre-released book. But in case you aren't, you better listen in to this episode of The Mortification of Spin...



Housewife Theologan book winners!

J. Lynn - Temple, GA
A. Larson - Athens, GA
E. Laczny - Appleton, WI
B. Bishop - Nine Mile Falls, WA
A. Murphy - Toledo, OH
D. Narva - Rockford, MI
L. Skillman - Vermilion, OH
K. Gray - Jacksonville, FL
R. Amador - Hamler, OH
T. Helfers - Pekin, IL
P. Williamson - Bellingham, WA
K. Weeks - Savannah, MO
N. Larsen - Indianapolis, IN
M. Van Drunen - Hudson, OH
C. Daniell - Douglasville, GA
L. Huffman - Cresson, TX
D. Carlson - Mariposa, CA
B. Richardson - Philadelphia, PA
D. Esh - Willow Street, PA
K. Cozzi - Bow, NH

Winners will be contacted by email.


Click here to purchase Aimee Byrd's new book Housewife Theologan.








































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