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3/03/19  - "The Lawmaker - Part 2"
                    Matthew 5:17-46
3/10/19  - "When the Show Must Not... - Part 1"
                    Matthew 6:1-15 
3/17/19  - "When the Show Must Not... - Part 2"
                    Matthew 6:1-15  
3/24/19  - "TheLord's Prayer - Part 1"
                    Matthew 5:17-46 

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Liam Goligher is a native of Scotland and earned his D. Min at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson MS. He was a minister of churches in Northern Ireland; Canada; two churches in Scotland; and in Richmond, London before becoming Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia PA in 2011. He has authored several books and contributed to many others. Dr. Goligher has served on the boards of many Christian ministries, including as a Trustee of the Keswick Convention Trust in the UK. A popular conference speaker, he was invited to Keswick eight summers. He and his wife Christine have been blessed with three daughters, two sons and numerous grandchildren.

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Posted: October 29, 2017

This week on No Falling Word, we will continue with the second half of last week’s message in the eleventh chapter of Acts. After being criticized for associating with "unclean" Gentiles, Peter tells the Jews about the vision He received from God. How will they respond to Peter’s explanation?

Posted: October 22, 2017

God’s plan of redemption is for both Jew and Gentile. On this episode of No Falling Word with Liam Goligher, we’ll study the first half of the eleventh chapter of Acts, where Peter is taken to task by those who would criticize him for breaking bread with, of all people…Gentiles! Peter’s faith-filled response is unequivocal and game changing.

Posted: October 15, 2017

Jesus is the Lord of all! Last week we learned that anyone may become a Christian, whether Jew or Gentile. Today on No Falling Word with Liam Goligher, we continue with the second part of that message in the book of Acts, as we find out why everyone MUST become a Christian. As believers, each and every one of us, like Cornelius, is a new creation in Christ. No matter who we are or what we’ve done, the old passes away, and we are given new life and a fresh start.

Posted: October 08, 2017

“I am only a man myself.” Today on No Falling Word with Liam Goligher, we’ll study these words from the tenth chapter of Acts, where Peter meets a roman centurion named Cornelius. Cornelius falls at Peter’s feet in reverence, but Peter lays out the gospel message, and the response of Cornelius and the other Gentiles marks a turning point in the movement of the early church.

Posted: October 01, 2017

Imagine God speaking to you in a dream. Would you listen? Would you obey? This week on No Falling Word, we will continue with part 2 of last week’s message from the tenth chapter of Acts. Cornelius chose obedience to God. Now, after a vivid dream, Peter must decide if he will choose obedience to what the Lord has shown him, though it goes against his natural inclinations.

Posted: September 24, 2017

Though we can’t always see the outcome, our obedience to the Lord has lasting consequences for us and for His kingdom. This week on No Falling Word with Liam Goligher, we’ll study the tenth chapter of Acts, as a devout centurion named Cornelius is visited by an angel of the Lord. Will Cornelius do what the Lord is asking of him?

Posted: September 17, 2017

Please come at once! This week on No Falling Word with Liam Goligher, we continue with part two of last week’s message in the ninth chapter of Acts. After healing Aeneas, Peter is quickly summoned to heal a woman named Tabitha, who has just died. What can Tabitha’s resurrection teach us about the Christian walk?

Posted: September 10, 2017

As Christians, we aren’t exempt from the struggles of this life. This week on No Falling Word with Liam Goligher, we’ll turn to the ninth chapter of Acts, as Peter encounters a paralyzed man named Aeneas. How will Peter’s response to Aeneas demonstrate our own ability to overcome through the power of Christ?

Posted: September 03, 2017
Posted: August 27, 2017

On No Falling Word, Liam Goligher continues in Acts 9. A converted Saul begins his mission by boldly preaching the gospel in Damascus and Jerusalem to skeptical and sometimes murderous crowds. Isn’t this the same man who tried to destroy Christ’s followers and extinguish the message of the gospel?!