Following Jesus 180

What is the first core truth of the Gospel? It is that God exists! This is the God of the Scriptures. The God of the Bible. The One, True God.

To begin with, God’s Existence is revealed in the Reality of Worship by Creation. Vs. 1a. The heavens declare the glory of God, 19:1a.

Man is a worshipful being. Even in denying God’s existence, man still seeks some being of “thing” to worship and praise.

What is the reasoning behind denying something e.g. God if in fact he doesn’t exist? It makes no sense. Yet, many passionately pursue this path of fervently denying the existence of God, while at the very same time seeking some substitute to worship and honor; even if this means themselves.

I have encountered three types of atheists in my life. The practicing and practical atheists. These are people who say they believe in God’s existence, but live as if He doesn’t exist. They may even come to church, but live the rest of their lives without any thought about living for God.

Then there is the gentle atheist. This is the individual who wants to know what I believe as a Christian and why I believe it. They may not accept what I believe as true, but they are respectful for my right to believe what I believe is true.

Finally, there is the angry atheist. This is the individual who is not interested in holding a polite conversation. Rather, this person is on the attack. In their mind, there is no redeemable reason to believe in the existence of the God of the Bible. They are particularly antagonistic towards biblical Christianity. They state that the God of the Bible is nonexistent. However if the God of the Bible is as they say, nonexistent, then why do they hate even the very idea of this so-called nonexistent God? Their anger is so intense in what they say about Him and toward those who believe in Him that it borders on an obsession.

God has implanted within creation, and each human being, a desire to worship. Worship may be directed toward something or someone. This desire, however mistakenly it may be expressed, is an evidence for the existence of God.

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