Redeeming Blood 8 - Robert Godfrey

Paul wrote so gloriously in II Timothy 1:10 about the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus who abolished death and brought life and mortality to life through the Gospel.  For whom did He abolish death?  Can we cut Psalm 49 out of our Bibles now?  Death is abolished now for each and everyone.  Nobody has to read or worry about Psalm 49 any more?  No, that's not the message of the Scripture.  He abolished death for everyone who knows Him, everyone who is in Him, everyone who accepts Him, everyone who trusts Him; and the glory of that message is that there is no sin that the blood of Jesus Christ cannot cover. 

We read in the law that murderers in Israel could not be redeemed because the lamb had to be purified.  But the glorious message of the Gospel is there is no sin so terrible that it cannot be redeemed in the blood of Jesus Christ.  That's a message so important for the church to bear into this world because while it is true, I think, that many, many people in this world have seared consciences and many, many Christians are tempted to think why shouldn't God love someone as splendid as I am?  Because I love myself so much, surely God should follow this sensible pattern.  There are people--maybe some here today–with a very sensitive conscience, and we look back on our lives and think, oh, yea, the blood of Jesus Christ may cover other people's sins, but it couldn't cover mine.  It can, beloved.  It will if you turn to Him and ask.

One of the great lies of the devil is to come to us an say, God won't forgive that.  Or maybe you've just done that sin so many times over and over again, you think God couldn't possibly forgive it one more time.  You all know, don't you, that in Hebrew Satan means the accuser?  He has two accusing functions.  He accuses God to us--says God's not reliable;  God's not really there, or whatever....  God won't keep His promises.  But he also accuses us before God and impresses on our conscience that God will never receive us, never accept us, never forgive us.  But the truth of the Gospel is that the blood of Jesus Christ will cover every sin.

You cannot defeat the Savior by your sinning if you'll come to Him and plead for mercy.  So, the Word of the Prophet Ezekiel (33:11) cries out to every one of us here, "Turn, turn, why will you perish, says the Lord.  There is abundance of mercy and compassion in Jesus Christ.   There's an abundance of life in Jesus Christ."   Why would you choose death?  Why would you follow the shepherd death into Sheol where there is only darkness and gnashing of teeth?  When the Lord of Life comes to you in His Word and says, "I will ransom you.  My blood will redeem you.  Come.  Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest," says the Lord.