October Member Update

Mark Daniels is back with an update of what's happening at the Alliance this month.

Will your church be hosting a Reformation Sunday service in October? The Alliance would like to help promote your event to our members! Visit ReformationSunday.org to find out more and to download some helpful resources.

Find out more about the ExtraOrdinary Give, our once a year extraordinary day of giving.

Listen to Theology on the Go with James Dolezal and Jonathan Master. Simonetta Carr will be their guest on the podcast dropping Monday, October 18.

All Simonetta Carr books in stock are on sale this month at Reformed Resources.

Listen to the podcast on Covenant Theology with Camden Bucey and Jim Cassidy on Mortification of Spin.

Find out more about the Bold North Conference on Reformed Theology, Covenant Theology and the Promised Messiah, taking place November 5-6, with Camden Bucey and Jim Cassidy.

The Life of Peter with John Miller is taking place in November at the Gap Bible Series.

John Currie, Ray Ortlund, and Philip Ryken will be speaking on Philippians: Joy in Christ, November 12-13 in Quakertown, PA. We'd love to see you there!

Thank you for watching!