Where to listen

Distributing great, Reformed Bible teaching remains at the very core of our mission. Though Alliance programs are now available everywhere in digital, on-demand formats (including apps and podcasts), over-the-air broadcasting remains a primary means for new listeners to hear solid, biblical teaching.

Locate our broadcast programs using the search tool below. For more information, call 215-546-3696.

City State Programsort icon Station Frequency Air Day Air Time
VERNON Connecticut Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible WCTF 1170 AM Sunday 9:30 PM
SHENANDOAH Iowa Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible KYFR 920 AM Sunday 8:30 PM
CUYAHOGA FALLS Ohio Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible WCUE 1150 AM Sunday 9:30 PM
PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible WKDN 950 AM Sunday 9:30 PM
EL CAJON California Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible KECR 910 AM Sunday 8:30 PM