Aimee Byrd


Aimee Byrd resides in her hometown in Frederick, MD with her husband, Matt, and three children. She currently has one in college, high school, and middle school. This vocation has improved her crisis management skills, but not so much her chauffeuring ones.

At the beginning of her married life, Aimee co-owned a coffee shop in downtown Frederick, MD called The Mudd Puddle. Aimee has since repented of her coffee snobbery and is willing to drink bad coffee for a friend. She still tries to use her mad barista skills in hospitality at home.

Aimee is the author of Housewife Theologian, Theological Fitness, No Little Women, and Why Can’t We Be Friends. She blogs at for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Along with Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt, Aimee is a co-host of the Alliance podcast The Mortification of Spin.

When Aimee is not running her kids around, cheering them on at their sporting events, hitting things in her strike fit and kickboxing classes, or hiding away with a book, she enjoys the opportunities she has been given as a speaker.

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