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Eternity Archives

Discernment: Thinking God's Thoughts after Him

by Sinclair Ferguson, September 1988

Someone I knew recently expressed an opinion that surprised and in some ways disappointed me. I said to myself, “I thought he would have more discernment than that.”

The experience caused me to reflect on the importance of discernment, and the lack of it in our world. People do not see issues clearly and are easily misled because they do not think biblically.  Continue reading...


Does It Really Matter?

by J.I. Packer, January 1987

To begin at the beginning, taking nothing for granted, is always the wise way. So the first thing to do is face up to the basic question: Does “right living” matter anyway? Is the moral quality of a Christian’s personal life important?

To this question you would, of course, expect all believers to reply “yes,” for any other answer would sound shocking. Continue reading...


No Matter the Test, Pick Up the Broom!

by Elisabeth Elliot, March 1987

Four more days until she would be 17. It would be her father’s birthday, too, but there would be no celebration this year. It was the depth of the Great Depression and her father was dying. The children knelt around the bed while their mother prayed, but the girl wondered whether anyone was listening. Was God near enough to hear a prayer? Did he take any notice of their situation? Continue reading...





Does Christian Education Compromise Excellence?

by R.C. Sproul, September 1987


Expelling Worldliness with a New Affection

by Sinclair Ferguson, December 1987


Five Basics for Political Involvement

by James Boice, September 1987


Paths of Righteousness

by J.I. Packer


The Power and the Story

by James Boice, March 1986


Say "Aah": Take This Spiritual Tongue Test

by Sinclair Ferguson, September 1987


The Task of Seeking God's Mysterious Will

by Sinclair Ferguson, May 1988


True Guidance

by J.I. Packer


Two Kinds of Darkness, Two Kinds of Light

by Edith Schaeffer, June 1988


The Way of the Weak Is the Only Healthy Way

by J.I. Packer, November 1987


Where God Looks First

by Sinclair Ferguson, February 1987


Wisdom along the Way

by J.I. Packer, April 1986


Are The Gospels Anti-Semitic?

F.F. Bruce, November 1973


The Apocrypha Revisited and Introduced

F.F. Bruce, November 1957


Will Joint Bible Study Bring Fellowship?

F.F. Bruce, January 1963


On Dating The New Testament

F.F. Bruce, June 1972