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Engaging with the living God in prayer and personal worship is just as unnerving as a race, even at times more so. What hidden sins will prayerful reflection on God’s word uncover? How will seeing the risen Christ in the Scriptures leave us stunned? What new opportunities to walk in obedience will the Holy Spirit prompt? With these kinds of possibilities facing us every time we come to God in personal devotion (and corporate worship, for that matter) we have the opportunity to develop spiritual, pre-race rituals to prepare us for the blocks of the devotional life.


Repentance: uncomfortable and avoided whenever possible (at least that is the way Christians often look at the practice). So much so, that Martin Luther’s first of 95 theses—that “the entire life of believers [is] to be one of repentance”—can sound, even to Protestant ears, like a pretty weak way to start a document that you’d like others to read in full. 


We have met the Persons of the Godhead in the Bible and found both Jesus and the Holy Spirit to bear the unequivocal marks of God Almighty.


The Christian and the Muslim sat across the table from one another in conversation, a conversation that went quickly from wives and children to theological matters.


Practical atheism thrives on deficient views of God, eroding the joy that Christians should experience in their everyday lives, enveloping the disciple in a mist of uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety...The light of God’s revelation, especially the Trinity, burns off the mist of confusion and error in common belief and practice.