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Discouragement. Fear. Doubt. These three harbingers of anxiety may not have been Paul's “thorn in the flesh” but for most of us they remain as constant reminders of a fallen world still in need of mending. At the same time these negative emotions give us ample opportunity to look to our God of grace who wastes no suffering, but uses it instead to grow us in ways we would have never chosen for ourselves.


If you take the time to actively engage your own story of grace and suffering you’ll not only learn more about what God has been doing in your life but you’ll also be equipped to care better for others. Often when someone is in a tight place, they are more likely to receive truth that is prefaced with, “I experienced something similar…” (2 Cor. 1:3-7).


The doctrine of the believer's union with Christ is in the pages of Scripture for our encouragement, to answer life’s big questions, to propel us into worship, and to equip us for mission.


Do you find yourself often looking down on others to make yourself feel better? If so, please read and carefully consider the following story.


Jesus as truly God and truly man is also truly dignified and truly frail. He is both God and the imago God. In tasting death for those who would place their faith in Him, He makes a way for sinners to enter into God’s original intention for humanity expressed in Psalm 8. If the fall of Adam is the great dehumanizing event in human history then the incarnation of the Second Adam, and His subsequent death and resurrection, is the re-humanizing of those who find salvation in him.