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Rightly administering the Lord's Supper is one of the marks of a true church. It occupies a critically important place in the life of God's people as a memorial of Christ, a preaching of the gospel, and a means of his grace. 


How may we glorify God? In many ways, at all times. In our vocation and recreation, in days of peace and days of persecution, in the valley of the shadow of death and in the pastures of comfort, we are created and called to glorify and enjoy God.


How do we know God loves us, and what does His love look like? How we answer these questions, and we all hold answers to those questions whether we are aware of them or not, is what determines our view of God and the health of our faith.


Sunday is a glorious day. We call it “The Lord’s Day!” It marks not only our calendars but also out lives. Yet, Sunday is not enough. God calls us to be together not for mere education, but for edification; not just fraternity, but fellowship.



Corporate worship on the Lord’s day is precious to the people of God. We are invited to gather together for fellowship with God and one another through both word and sacrament, prayer and song. This gathering is perhaps the most beautiful, earthly picture we have of the church as we, of differing backgrounds and interests, unite together in Jesus Christ.