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As we all head into this Thanksgiving holiday, let us take time to reflect on all the Lord has given us in Christ. May we savor every blessing in this life, and those we wait for in the life to come, and let our thanksgiving be loud.


Our works make much of God, and as they are offered in faith they are pleasing to him. And this is no cause for boasting, for all our good works are the work of his Spirit.


Jesus' death not only delivers from something, but, through it, He also delivers us unto something else. He saves us from self-righteousness and delivers us unto righteousness. He saves us from ungodliness and delivers us unto godliness. Godliness is not just an idea that remains impossible until the resurrection. It is a reality in the life of believers.


Are you the worst sinner you know? How you answer that question says a lot about your theology as well as the condition of your soul. Some Christians find this questions to be difficult, if not inappropriate. So let me tell you up front that I am convinced the answer to this question, when posed to a Christian, ought to always be, "Yes. I am the worst sinner I know."