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If we want to lay hold of the Reformed tradition, may we learn to repent of such arrogance and pursue clarity of thought and expression. God’s word does not change, but the world in which we minister does. May we be committed to the hard work of proclaiming God’s eternal word in the vernacular of the day for the glory of God and for those who will hear it and believe. As we do so, the Holy Spirit will delight to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. Of that we can be sure.


The clarity of scripture does not rely on extraordinary means such as new revelation or mystical meditation, but rather the clarity of scripture is on display by simple ordinary means of teaching and communication.


For Calvin, human teaching has authority only insofar as it rightly conveys the teaching of scripture, and if any human teaching is right, authoritative, and beneficial, it is only because it is conveying the truths in scripture. All authority comes from God, and he has been pleased to reveal himself through his word (Matt 28:18; John 17:2; Eph 1:20-21; Col 2:9-10).


Be a joyful exile, a penitent stranger, as your ancestors of the faith were before you, and in doing so lay hold of your identity in Chirst.


For those of us in ministry, it is easy to fall into habit. We can comfortably slide into the dangerous act of rote performance of the duties of ministry. Those in ministry are rarely the ones to receive encouragement and support in the community.