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Do I have what it takes? It’s a question that all of us have asked ourselves. Some of you ask it every day. Do I have what it takes to succeed in this life? What if I don’t? What would they say about me? The pressure of the question can be so great that some of us are tempted to fail out of the gate--to undermine our own efforts before we even start. So often those who care the most about success make the least effort.


There has been quite a lot of discussion in recent years about evangelical scholarship in the Old Testament and the validity of the doctrine of Scriptural inerrancy. As I watch from my perch in an evangelical and Reformed seminary, I have a few preliminary thoughts on some of the issues that seem to keep coming up.


Establishing a habit of family worship begins with a willing heart, and there are many helps and tools to make worship God-honoring and effective. It need not be complicated. Start with a simple plan and set aside a little time, and watch family worship build into a family tradition that helps both children and parents walk with the Lord on all the days of the week.By the way, family worship can still be a blessing where only one parent is interested or able. A mother or father can gather the children together to worship the Lord together as a smaller group--after breakfast, before bed, after dinner--even if a spouse is not inclined to lead. Ultimately, we must leave it to the Lord to shepherd our families and bless our efforts to instruct them and enjoy him.


My wife and I like to talk about family worship--not because we have it all figured out, but because we actually enjoy experimenting with different ways to draw ourselves and our five daughters to God (Yes, five! Yes, daughters!). Of course, family worship with little children can be particularly intimidating to young parents trying the balance the complexities that go with that season of life. Be encouraged, meaningful family worship is within reach.