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Reformation means standing against the spirit of the age, so pastors and church leaders must join together to encourage, equip, and embolden one another in the work of the Reformation. Most importantly, a society brings the Word of God and prayer to bear on the leaders themselves, strengthening them for the work of a faithful shepherd.

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Reformation starts in your local church community. The Reformation Societies are the means to achieving the renewal of the Church, which is our Lord’s Bride. Furthermore, our Gospel is timeless in its message, relevance, and sufficiency for the building of Christ’s Church, the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Biblical standard of Gospel preaching, teaching and worship are embodied in the Solas of the Protestant Reformation and are now stated in the Cambridge Declaration of 1996. For in Scripture alone, we learn of a salvation that is by grace alone, received through faith alone, because of Christ alone, and in all this, to God be the Glory alone. Here We Stand, like-minded in His service and confident in His Work.

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Ultimately, why did God choose to relieve man of the great and heavy burden of his sin the way He chose to do so? What is the ultimate reason for God’s wisdom in the word of the cross? God reveals the reason for the word of the cross in I Corinthians 1:26-31. 


In light of this conflict between the Word of the Cross and the world, we see that these two opposing world views do not demonstrate an equal dichotomy of good vs. evil. Rather, the Apostle Paul explains that God’s wisdom is all powerful and will conquer and can overcome the wisdom of the world.

The second people group which responds to God’s wisdom are known by many names: the redeemed; the justified; the saved; Christians; believers. We will call them followers of Jesus. Their response to the cross is revealed in I Corinthians 18b and vs. 24-25.

What may we discover about God’s Wisdom from God’s Word in dealing with a person’s great and heavy burden of sin? To begin with, we must recognize there are two responses to God’s wisdom by two different people groups.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by your great and heavy burden? The Bible says the great and heavy burden is our own personal sin and our awareness and sense of guilt of that sin. Psalm 38.