Watch New Geoff Thomas Video Series on Theology Thursday

Don’t miss Theology Thursday on the Alliance YouTube channel beginning July 13 at 7:30 p.m. EDT. Our hope is that you will find refreshing, edifying content that is useful for yourself, your church, and your family and friends. Be sure to share it so even more people can benefit from the clear, biblical teaching the Alliance is known for.


Join Us for PCRT Online and a Special 48-hour Matching Gift Weekend

This is a special weekend at the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals! Friday and Saturday, June 23 and 24, will be an online edition of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology and a 48-hour matching gift weekend. Find out more!


New Podcast Featuring Eric Alexander

The Alliance is privileged to add Hear the Word of God, featuring the teaching ministry of Rev. Eric Alexander, to the Alliance Podcast Network. Known for his Christ-centered, Spirit-filled preaching, Eric will be familiar to many Alliance members and long-time attendees of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. Be sure to subscribe! And please share it with those you know. 


New from Alliance Publishing: Trembling Joy by Ryan Speck

What if worship style were more than a matter of personal taste? In Trembling Joy, Pastor Ryan Speck answers that question by turning to the Scriptures, showing how God's definition and description of worship should impact our own.


Reformation Society of Hawaii

The Alliance welcomes the new Reformation Society of Hawaii. Organized by pastors Douglas Watson and David Tamaoka, the society has formed to unite with other pastors and church leaders for the work of biblical reformation in the local churches. 


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