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What was lost in the Fall? One could answer life, innocence, righteousness, freedom, or a host of other things, and be correct. Yet none of these garners the label "greatest loss." The greatest loss incurred by the Fall was lost communion with our Creator. But what man lost by sin, God restores by grace. Uninterrupted, unfettered, unadulterated communion with God is the great promise of salvation.


Some accuse the Protestant emphasis upon the preached Word as pastor-centric and non-engaging, but such an accusation assumes too little about the listener's responsibility in corporate worship. Every individual in the congregation has responsibilities when the Word of God is preached. As we listen to the Word preached we want to aim at listening to it astutely, attentively, reverently, prayerfully, and responsively.


A pastoral internship program may not be possible in all of our churches, but it should be possible in most of our churches. There are few better things your church could engage in for the sake of the Kingdom of God.


How do you glorify God in the midst of personal suffering? One of the best ways is by taking a step back and seeking to view your personal suffering in light of the glory of God.


"What about our son?" "What about our daughter?" As a pastor there are conversations that I routinely have with parishioners...What is a Christian parent of an unbelieving adult child to do? I usually offer three pastoral encouragements.