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The Christian church was born into the world at just the right time. One would almost think a sovereign God orchestrated history so that these secondary causes would be present for the spread of Christianity. As Christians, we can not only think such, we can confess such. Emphasizing secondary causes in God's role of spreading Christianity (or any other action) does not take glory away from God, rather it reinforces that He does receive His due glory.


We are reminded of the disciples' question, "Do You not care that we are perishing?"--and Mark is declaring in bold narrative form, "He cares more than we could ever fully know. He is the God-Man. He cares so much that the Son of God became man for our sake." Though they wondered whether He cared that they were perishing, the reality is that He cared to such a degree that the God-Man perished for them. Christ need not answer with words, because He will answer with His life.